Spitfire Ultra Challenge – Menan Butte Trail Run

In April  Butt In Gear Trail Running invites the public to join us in our 11th Annual Spitfire Ultra Running Challenge on the Menan Butte. The Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge is designed to get the community involved in the spirit of fun and fitness. We encourage participants to play with us by having fun with the theme of the race Man verses Volcano, strap on their running shoes and create a memorable experience for the whole community as you Run Your ASH Off.

What will make this event stand out is that our focus on a playful memorable experience that lights a fire on the new year. We are setting the stage for each participant to express their interpretation of our theme and come out to play. Whether you are man, woman or child, this race will speak to your love for promoting fitness for all ages, shapes, and sizes.

Become a Sponsor

This is an amazing and unique marketing opportunity to reach into your market. Butt In Gear Trail Running uses a variety of methods to help each of our sponsors and partners reach their health and fitness markets and increase participant awareness of the products and services they provide. Our sponsors are a part of our community who promote healthy living as part of creating a thriving community. The Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge at Menan Butte is our annual run to kick-off the trail running season. Sponsors can make a great first impression on runners getting ready to get their butt in gear for a new year. We have a sponsorship opportunity that will fit your marketing needs and budget.

Let people know you are here for them as friends and neighbors. Along with running neck and neck with them, participants will experience you, in our ‘Village’, by taking you home with their Swag, and a variety of communication channels as we promote this years race.

menan-butte-ultra-trail-runningSponsor Benefits

  • Company name and logo on all promotional items, advertising collateral, swag bags
  • Company promotional discounts and offers in each guest Swag Bag
  • Options to sponsor race items such as; number bibs, towels, water bottles, food and drink, finish line, starting line.

Promotional branding

  • T-shirts
  • Swag bags
  • Banners
  • Email marketing
  • Website-internet marketing and advertising
  • Print collateral

Get Started

Please complete the form below and we will be contacting you with more sponsordhip information.


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