Menan-Butte-TrailsSpitfire Ultra Trail Challenge in Menan Idaho takes place on a dormant volcano where on a clear day you can see the nearby cities and small towns of Eastern Idaho. Seated in the heart of the Snake River plain, the Menan Buttes are two of the world’s largest tuff cones – volcanoes formed when basaltic magma boils up through ground water. MBTC is run on the north butte which is designated as a National Natural Landmark (NNL), Research Natural Area (RNA) and an Area of Critical Concern (ACEC) because of its unique geological features. The designations allow you to enjoy the geologic beauty, in its healthy, natural condition.

The Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge  was created as an invitation to challenge yourself in a geological setting that has everything from sand, volcanic rock, slick rock, sage brush and possible wildlife. You will be blown away by the variety of sights and surfaces in the small area of this dormant volcano as you traverse its west and east sides, run its rim and down through the heart of the volcano itself as you cross the caldera. Come Run Your ASH Off at the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge in Menan Idaho.

We invite you to Run Your Ash Off and battle the volcano for bragging rights, as you test your metal and forge your character as you take on the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge and take on the Menan Butte Trail on April 16, 2015.  Runners can choose to run any of our four courses designed to appeal to the begginner and the most adventurous. Runners have their pick of the 5k,12K,25K, or for the adventurous, our new 50K.



Startfrom basecamp with a short out back on a sand/dirt road and then it’s up the face of the butte. At the rim you will take a left and prepare to cross the caldera and circle right and back around to the aid station. Once at the aid station prepare to make the steep decent back down to the finish line.






Beginat basecamp with half mile out and back before starting up the butte. Once on top you will run the 5k course and then head back down through the caldera to experience the rest of this dormant volcano. After crossing the caldera a second time, you will head left (North) and make your way up to the towers. A short distance after the towers you will gravel access road down the East side of the butte (known as “R” mountain to the locals) to can the boundary chain and then head back up to the rim. Enjoy the scenery of this unique location as you make your way up and down this side of the butte and see if you can spot the “R” painted on its face. Back at the top you will take a right and finish running the west rim before descending back down to base camp.


Buttingear believes in second chances and therefore created the 25K for those of you who want to do it again and maybe learn something new. Begin at base camp with a 1.25 mile out and back. The course is then the same as the 12K course…times 2! Your second loop will not have the initial out and back. After the first loop, check in at base camp, refuel and head back up for your second loop.


For those who are “touched in the head”…we mean more experienced or wanting more adventure…we present you the 50K. Beginning at base camp, your first two loops will be identical to the 25k course. Check in and refuel after your second loop and head out to the sand, sage and volcanic formations for 9 miles before taking on your last loop of the butte. The last loop will not include the descent down the east side of the butte and will basically be a figure 8 pattern of the rim before heading down to the finish line where you will be celebrated as victors of the volcano.

Cut-off time for the 50k is as follows: runner must depart the Basecamp Aid Station by 12 noon in order to complete the race with full support. All runners must be across the finish line by 2:00pm in order to have an official time. Runners who may choose to finish the race even if they may not be within the time limits but will do so at their own risk.


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