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Are you prepared to Spitfire?

We are now 47 days away from the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge. For those of you who may not have heard the news, this is the new name for the Menan Butte Trail Challenge. In our efforts to bring you the best event possible in this amazing area of our backyard, we thougMenanButte_NewLogoht it fitting to give it a name that better fits the event and what it has to offer.

The Spitfire is an easy trail run except for that dormant volcano that sits right in the middle of it. That dormant volcano will have you flaming and steaming as you ascend up its west side to the rim where you will then have the opportunity to experience all sides and even the caldera of this beautiful geological wonder. Its ups are gonna make you work and you will welcome the downs. However, remember…what goes down must come up.

With that in mind we want to encourage you to get out and hit the hills. Any hills! Now that the snow has melted a bit it its much easier to access the hills. For those of us who are really crazy get out and continue hitting the snowy hills. A treadmill on serious incline will be a good second option.  However, you choose to do it, no more waiting, GO get it done. Your experience at the Spitfire will be much more pleasant.

We also want to remind you that this is a trail run. A challenging trail run! You can expect to be tired. You can also expect to be thirsty. This is your warning that because it is a trail run, water will Not be available all along the course. We will have water at our main aid station at the start/finish as well as our aid station out on the 50k course.  You will be able to access both multiple times. If you are not accustomed to carrying water, Now is the time to get started.  There are many types of hydration systems available at your local running stores by way of waist packs, handhelds and backpacks.  We recommend getting one and start practicing with it.

Speaking of Hydration, the Spitfire went cupless last year and will no longer offer cups at aid stations.  Thanks to our Sponsor UltraSpire, you will all be receiving a flat cup to carry with you and use at aid stations. Ultra Spire will also be awarding the male and female winners of the 25k & 50K a hydration backpack.

With the Spitfire being held in April and in Idaho, we Never know what the weather will be like.  With this said, get out there and learn how to be in all types of weather. Again, this is trail running and the race will go on! We look forward to welcoming returning runners and newbies alike.

Looking to register?  Go to and as a reminder, the price increase on March 11th. A portion of our proceeds go to Camp Magical Moments, a local cancer camp for kids.

A big thank-you to our Amazing sponsors: Mountain View Hospital, Idaho Pulmonary, Huntsman Orthopedics, Bill’s Bike & Run, Great Harvest, UltraSpire, Tailwind, Pocatello Running Company, Alphagraphics, The Smith Group, SLS3, & Steve & Harry’s.

This should do it for now.  Get out, enjoy the warmer weather, blow off some steam, practice hills and hydration.  More to come.

Happy Trails and see you soon,

The Buttin Gear Team

Mind Power

So this morning I got up early and decided to go do my training at the gym on the gerbil machine..aka treadmill.  This is not my favorite type of training as I would prefer to be outside. However, this morning it is what worked and I had planned to do some interval training, which for me, is made easier on the gerbil machine.

I had planned to do 5 minute interval sets changing speed every minute on one set and incline on the next and alternating til finished. I ran my first speed set and felt it in my body as it was warming up and looked forward to the coming incline set.

Inclines now in process and I start at ground zero. Minute one complete and raising the bar. Feels pretty good. I kept a steady pace as I raised the incline for the 5 minute set and when it was finished, I realized I had Rocked it. I even thought I could start at a higher incline on the next set.

I make my way through my speed sets and raise the inclines on my incline sets and am feeling amazing. That banana I had eaten before hand must have really provided the energy I needed. Not to mention, my mind set is in a Really good place as I feel my body move smoothly, feet hitting the gerbil machine one foot after the other in nice cadence.  I tell myself, “Way to go self!  Way to just let your body move without fighting the movement. Hmmm…this is a great life lesson. Way to go girl!”

On my last set of inclines I am happy to know I am almost done, as moisture is now dripping from my body like spring rain.  I tell myself I am stronger than I thought I was and feel the tired energy in my body as I raise the inclines to 9, 10, 12. I decide to start raising the speed as well in the last set because I am feeling so well, wondering how in the world I am getting this done.

Time expires!  I am almost ready to expire but feel I could do more! Talk about Amazing workout!! As I take out my earphones so I can do a little rehab running in all directions for my ankle, I also lower the incline. As I was lowering it, I realized…nothing was happening.  What?!?!  This can’t be real! I raise it…nothing. Lower it back down..nothing.  I am now giggling as I realized what had just happened.  The numbers for the incline were increasing but the gerbil machine wasn’t.  I was so focused on “what” I was doing and the effort I was putting out, I didn’t even realize the machine wasn’t actually moving.  My mind however, didn’t know this and my workout was absolutely incredible!  I laughed all the way home as I shared my story with my buddy.

SO…what exactly is your mind telling you?  Are you listening? How often do you hear it tell you positive things vs negative. Are you letting it keep you “safe” or telling it to take a back seat and let your higher self be in charge? Our minds will tell us we are done way before we are actually done and today I told mine different. It thought we were doing inclines and acted as such and with great success.  Now it knows we can conquer them…real or perceived.

So as you train and prepare for this year’s schedule of events…get out and conquer. First your mind and then the terrain! Keep us in Mind as you plan out your events and get registered for the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge. (We will actually know if you are there rather than just a thought in your head.) This is a mind blowing experience where you will happily run your ash off as you experience sand, rocks, hills, sagebrush, beautiful views and more. Visit to register.

So whether your next workout is on the hills, roads or gerbil machines …Go BE Great!




To Run or Not To Run…That is the Question!

The year is quickly coming to an end and winter is in full swing. Christmas in now past and the new year quickly approaching. Minds are turning to those new year’s resolutions and wondering how long you will actually keep them this year. Do you want to reach big and stretch those comfort zones or play it safe and do more of the same?

Well I say…reach BIG! Say to heck with “realistic” and do something you’re not quite sure you can do but somewhere deep inside you hear the little voice telling you…You Can! Oh boy it’s scary, I know. I’ve been there on many occasions and while on the journey found myself wondering what the bleep I was thinking. I looked over race calendars and planned out which races I would travel too and how tho fit them into my schedule. I would look my choices over with frightened excitement, make the commitment and then get to work.

Many times I found myself out in the rain, snow, heat or anything in between. On those crazy days when I heard the voice telling me I didn’t want to go out, I would hear my true self tell me “Get out there, you gotta know how to run in rain, snow, heat or anything in between.” Then…I would find my self dressed for the occasion and out enjoying the beauty that came with the element. Wow…those are great days of getting to be really present to the outdoors, what it presents you and learning how to safely be a part of it. I could go on and on but will keep this short…for today anyway.

So as you’re looking to the new year and deciding what events you want to participate in…I invite you to Challenge yourself.  Go BIG! Choose at least one event you know will scare the bejeebers outta ya. I also have a recommendation.  Register for that Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge at Menan Butte!! I hear you’ll Run Your Ash off and that it’s worth every moment and you will certainly have something to Brag about when you cross the finish line.  Not to mention the race staff is friendly, fun, cute, helpful, some available, strong, cheery…you get the drift.  If you want or need some assistance or have questions, please contact them and they are more than happy to assist you. We could add that quality to the ones listed above. 🙂

Have Fun choosing you adventures and we hope to see you at the Spitfire in April. Remember to have some frightened excitement as you set your calendars and Enjoy the Journey.  Watch for future posts on how to prep for the Spitfire along with other events/activities we will have along the way. Also, please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to address. Until we see you…Live BIG, Give BIG, Love BIG…Go BE Great!

Happy Trails!


Frustration! Got some?

So I have now created 2…yes 2…videos for you about why I run.  The battery in my camera decided to die during the first filming right when the story was getting juicy.  Arg!  The second filming  was successful as far as I can tell, which is to say I hit record…did my thing…hit stop and then put it in my computer to save, upload and add to this blog post. Whew!

Well, I sticomputer out the windowll haven’t seen the video and neither have you due to the fact that my computer is now telling me it is not in a format it will take, which happens to be the format I use Everytime.  Double Arg!! So…I am going to take a time out so I still have a computer to use when my frustrations are over…aka…not throw it out the window! 🙂

We have experienced many frustrations going through the re-branding process and continue bumping up against unexpected circumstances, not having answers or knowing what questions to ask to get the job done and so forth.  However, we are farther along than we were 2 weeks ago and are excited to bring you our new website, renaming of Menan Butte Trail Challenge to the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge at Menan Butte and ease of registration…among other things.  We ask for your patience as we continue to make changes and proceed forward in bringing you the best product possible and invite you to share us with others.

So, I guess I won’t be sharing a video with you today and will get to figure that out for next time.  Which brings me to the point of my message.  We will all meet frustrations on our journeys to wherever it is we are going.  Feel them, step back and take a look at what it is and what tools you have to get past the obstacle and what you may need that you don’t have. More importantly…stop and look back and get a good grip on how far you have actually come and celebrate.  If you need too, take a small break (aka… no computer throwing) and return to the task with a fresh perspective and angle.

Frustration is an opportunity to stop and take a deeper look and not a reason to quit or abandon our task.  Take the opportunifrustrationty to go inside yourself and ponder the possibilities.  Take the opportunity to reach outside yourself and ask for assistance if necessary.  What lessons are lurking disguised as frustration and test your patience to breath and see differently?  Let frustration be a fuel to move you forward to your end goal and not the feeling that turns your goal to ashes.

Speaking of ashes…what obstacles have you bumped up against that bring frustration as you prepare to run your ashes off at the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge?  What are you doing to get up, over, around and through those obstacles and frustration? How may we assist you?

If you haven’t already committed to join us…do so today!  We’ve made that part Super Easy!!  Go to the site and click Register.

Happy Trails & Peace Out!

Adventures in Remapping the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 50K course

Today I hit the trail with Rena and my daughter Hailey. Our mission: to revisit the 50K course and physically map it out. It has been a freezing fog kinda day and it started with Hailey and I discussing how slick it was as we parked at Albertsons (no, they do not give me a kickback for mentioning their name) and 10 seconds later exiting the truck and hearing the sound of Hailey falling out of the truck as her foot hit the ground and quickly went airborn. We wish we had caught it on video so we could laugh over and over…even more than we already are.

After picking up Rena, we headed to the Menan Butte for mapping. I wasn’t sure we would be able to get out on the desert as the snow was more plentiful than I thought. As it turned out, it was just enough to be adventurous.

After many twists and turns and not really knowing where we would get spit out, except for driving it one other time, we are successful. We caught some fun footage of a spot that is scary to drive down in the truck (visit our FB Page to view) and missed catching footage of what was scary to drive up. Maybe that’s for the better because some of the words that slipped out the driver’s mouth may not be family friendly. However…she grew today and feels like she can now conquer the world.

Check out our fun little video as we were preparing to leave for home. Laugh with us, feel our excitement, know we are crazy and that we look forward to you joining us on April 18 for the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge on the Menan Butte. Yes…this race was formerly known as the Menan Butte Trail Challenge. Go to to register and get information.

Today in the battle of women vs volcano…women win! #manversusvolcano

Happy Trails

Registration Is Open

Butt In Gear Trail Running Presents the 2014 Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge at Menan Butte Trail in Menan Idaho


Menan Butte Trail Challenge baby…that’s where its at! It’s coming quickly, are you ready for the challenge? April 18, 2015 & registration is open.. New this year: 50K distance, chip timing and more.

This is your personal invitation & we are excited to see you! Please share the word.

Are You Still Running?


Hello running peeps! Where is your fall running taking you? Are you still running? If not, take an opportunity to get out and enjoy the energy of the changing of the seasons and notice how it makes you feel. If you are needing a little encouragement, I thought this little picture might help. I am preparing to go run the Le Grizz 50 miler in a couple weeks and hopin to not have this kinda motivation. Happy trails!

Making Some Changes… Help!

Hello ButtinGear peeps! We’re makin some changes and would love your input. Possibly renaming Menan Butte Trail Challenge and would love your amazing ideas. Also, deciding what sponsor items you like in your bags. Did you try out the Melaluca bars, the Advil sinus, the Emergen-C or other products? Let us know what you think so we can provide feedback for both them and us. Much Thanks!!

Hope your fall running is still in full step and you are enjoying the changing of the seasons! Run on and run strong!

B-I-G Thank You

menan-butte-ultra-trail-runningFirst of all… the Butt In Gear Team would like to extend a B.I.G. THANK YOU to all the people who made this year’s races FUN & SUCCESSFUL! We are looking forward to next year with great ANTICIPATION & ENTHUSIASM!

Our second motive here is to ask you, our B.I.G. Facebook fans, for your help in renaming the Menan Butte Trail Challenge (MBTC). It was suggested by several participants at the MBTC this year that renaming the race could help us grow the event. That’s where we need your help. The more creative minds that we have working on this endeavor, the greater the influx of ideas we will have. So, please, put on those thinking caps. If we choose your creation, you’ll receive 2 free entries for next year’s race! Email your ideas to All submissions by Friday September 12th please.
We can’t wait to see what you come up with!