Are you prepared to Spitfire?

We are now 47 days away from the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge. For those of you who may not have heard the news, this is the new name for the Menan Butte Trail Challenge. In our efforts to bring you the best event possible in this amazing area of our backyard, we thougMenanButte_NewLogoht it fitting to give it a name that better fits the event and what it has to offer.

The Spitfire is an easy trail run except for that dormant volcano that sits right in the middle of it. That dormant volcano will have you flaming and steaming as you ascend up its west side to the rim where you will then have the opportunity to experience all sides and even the caldera of this beautiful geological wonder. Its ups are gonna make you work and you will welcome the downs. However, remember…what goes down must come up.

With that in mind we want to encourage you to get out and hit the hills. Any hills! Now that the snow has melted a bit it its much easier to access the hills. For those of us who are really crazy get out and continue hitting the snowy hills. A treadmill on serious incline will be a good second option.  However, you choose to do it, no more waiting, GO get it done. Your experience at the Spitfire will be much more pleasant.

We also want to remind you that this is a trail run. A challenging trail run! You can expect to be tired. You can also expect to be thirsty. This is your warning that because it is a trail run, water will Not be available all along the course. We will have water at our main aid station at the start/finish as well as our aid station out on the 50k course.  You will be able to access both multiple times. If you are not accustomed to carrying water, Now is the time to get started.  There are many types of hydration systems available at your local running stores by way of waist packs, handhelds and backpacks.  We recommend getting one and start practicing with it.

Speaking of Hydration, the Spitfire went cupless last year and will no longer offer cups at aid stations.  Thanks to our Sponsor UltraSpire, you will all be receiving a flat cup to carry with you and use at aid stations. Ultra Spire will also be awarding the male and female winners of the 25k & 50K a hydration backpack.

With the Spitfire being held in April and in Idaho, we Never know what the weather will be like.  With this said, get out there and learn how to be in all types of weather. Again, this is trail running and the race will go on! We look forward to welcoming returning runners and newbies alike.

Looking to register?  Go to and as a reminder, the price increase on March 11th. A portion of our proceeds go to Camp Magical Moments, a local cancer camp for kids.

A big thank-you to our Amazing sponsors: Mountain View Hospital, Idaho Pulmonary, Huntsman Orthopedics, Bill’s Bike & Run, Great Harvest, UltraSpire, Tailwind, Pocatello Running Company, Alphagraphics, The Smith Group, SLS3, & Steve & Harry’s.

This should do it for now.  Get out, enjoy the warmer weather, blow off some steam, practice hills and hydration.  More to come.

Happy Trails and see you soon,

The Buttin Gear Team

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