Mind Power

So this morning I got up early and decided to go do my training at the gym on the gerbil machine..aka treadmill.  This is not my favorite type of training as I would prefer to be outside. However, this morning it is what worked and I had planned to do some interval training, which for me, is made easier on the gerbil machine.

I had planned to do 5 minute interval sets changing speed every minute on one set and incline on the next and alternating til finished. I ran my first speed set and felt it in my body as it was warming up and looked forward to the coming incline set.

Inclines now in process and I start at ground zero. Minute one complete and raising the bar. Feels pretty good. I kept a steady pace as I raised the incline for the 5 minute set and when it was finished, I realized I had Rocked it. I even thought I could start at a higher incline on the next set.

I make my way through my speed sets and raise the inclines on my incline sets and am feeling amazing. That banana I had eaten before hand must have really provided the energy I needed. Not to mention, my mind set is in a Really good place as I feel my body move smoothly, feet hitting the gerbil machine one foot after the other in nice cadence.  I tell myself, “Way to go self!  Way to just let your body move without fighting the movement. Hmmm…this is a great life lesson. Way to go girl!”

On my last set of inclines I am happy to know I am almost done, as moisture is now dripping from my body like spring rain.  I tell myself I am stronger than I thought I was and feel the tired energy in my body as I raise the inclines to 9, 10, 12. I decide to start raising the speed as well in the last set because I am feeling so well, wondering how in the world I am getting this done.

Time expires!  I am almost ready to expire but feel I could do more! Talk about Amazing workout!! As I take out my earphones so I can do a little rehab running in all directions for my ankle, I also lower the incline. As I was lowering it, I realized…nothing was happening.  What?!?!  This can’t be real! I raise it…nothing. Lower it back down..nothing.  I am now giggling as I realized what had just happened.  The numbers for the incline were increasing but the gerbil machine wasn’t.  I was so focused on “what” I was doing and the effort I was putting out, I didn’t even realize the machine wasn’t actually moving.  My mind however, didn’t know this and my workout was absolutely incredible!  I laughed all the way home as I shared my story with my buddy.

SO…what exactly is your mind telling you?  Are you listening? How often do you hear it tell you positive things vs negative. Are you letting it keep you “safe” or telling it to take a back seat and let your higher self be in charge? Our minds will tell us we are done way before we are actually done and today I told mine different. It thought we were doing inclines and acted as such and with great success.  Now it knows we can conquer them…real or perceived.

So as you train and prepare for this year’s schedule of events…get out and conquer. First your mind and then the terrain! Keep us in Mind as you plan out your events and get registered for the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge. (We will actually know if you are there rather than just a thought in your head.) This is a mind blowing experience where you will happily run your ash off as you experience sand, rocks, hills, sagebrush, beautiful views and more. Visit ButtingearTrailRunning.com to register.

So whether your next workout is on the hills, roads or gerbil machines …Go BE Great!




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