Frustration! Got some?

So I have now created 2…yes 2…videos for you about why I run.  The battery in my camera decided to die during the first filming right when the story was getting juicy.  Arg!  The second filming  was successful as far as I can tell, which is to say I hit record…did my thing…hit stop and then put it in my computer to save, upload and add to this blog post. Whew!

Well, I sticomputer out the windowll haven’t seen the video and neither have you due to the fact that my computer is now telling me it is not in a format it will take, which happens to be the format I use Everytime.  Double Arg!! So…I am going to take a time out so I still have a computer to use when my frustrations are over…aka…not throw it out the window! 🙂

We have experienced many frustrations going through the re-branding process and continue bumping up against unexpected circumstances, not having answers or knowing what questions to ask to get the job done and so forth.  However, we are farther along than we were 2 weeks ago and are excited to bring you our new website, renaming of Menan Butte Trail Challenge to the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge at Menan Butte and ease of registration…among other things.  We ask for your patience as we continue to make changes and proceed forward in bringing you the best product possible and invite you to share us with others.

So, I guess I won’t be sharing a video with you today and will get to figure that out for next time.  Which brings me to the point of my message.  We will all meet frustrations on our journeys to wherever it is we are going.  Feel them, step back and take a look at what it is and what tools you have to get past the obstacle and what you may need that you don’t have. More importantly…stop and look back and get a good grip on how far you have actually come and celebrate.  If you need too, take a small break (aka… no computer throwing) and return to the task with a fresh perspective and angle.

Frustration is an opportunity to stop and take a deeper look and not a reason to quit or abandon our task.  Take the opportunifrustrationty to go inside yourself and ponder the possibilities.  Take the opportunity to reach outside yourself and ask for assistance if necessary.  What lessons are lurking disguised as frustration and test your patience to breath and see differently?  Let frustration be a fuel to move you forward to your end goal and not the feeling that turns your goal to ashes.

Speaking of ashes…what obstacles have you bumped up against that bring frustration as you prepare to run your ashes off at the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge?  What are you doing to get up, over, around and through those obstacles and frustration? How may we assist you?

If you haven’t already committed to join us…do so today!  We’ve made that part Super Easy!!  Go to the site and click Register.

Happy Trails & Peace Out!

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