Adventures in Remapping the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 50K course

Today I hit the trail with Rena and my daughter Hailey. Our mission: to revisit the 50K course and physically map it out. It has been a freezing fog kinda day and it started with Hailey and I discussing how slick it was as we parked at Albertsons (no, they do not give me a kickback for mentioning their name) and 10 seconds later exiting the truck and hearing the sound of Hailey falling out of the truck as her foot hit the ground and quickly went airborn. We wish we had caught it on video so we could laugh over and over…even more than we already are.

After picking up Rena, we headed to the Menan Butte for mapping. I wasn’t sure we would be able to get out on the desert as the snow was more plentiful than I thought. As it turned out, it was just enough to be adventurous.

After many twists and turns and not really knowing where we would get spit out, except for driving it one other time, we are successful. We caught some fun footage of a spot that is scary to drive down in the truck (visit our FB Page to view) and missed catching footage of what was scary to drive up. Maybe that’s for the better because some of the words that slipped out the driver’s mouth may not be family friendly. However…she grew today and feels like she can now conquer the world.

Check out our fun little video as we were preparing to leave for home. Laugh with us, feel our excitement, know we are crazy and that we look forward to you joining us on April 18 for the Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge on the Menan Butte. Yes…this race was formerly known as the Menan Butte Trail Challenge. Go to to register and get information.

Today in the battle of women vs volcano…women win! #manversusvolcano

Happy Trails

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